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Desarmar por completo el Nokia N9

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How do I reset my Nokia N9 phone?

- Nokia FAQ
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You can reset your N9 phone by selecting Settings > Reset and then one of the following options:

Restore settings

This command will reset some of the settings to the original values but won't delete any personal data in your phone.
Use this command if you need to restore the factory settings.

Clear device

This command will remove all content from your phone and restore the settings to the original values.
Use this command e.g. if you are recycling your phone and need to delete all the personal data. You can use the command also to completely reset your phone if it is not working properly (try Restore settings command first and use Clear device only if needed).

Remember to take a backup of your phone with Nokia Link before resetting the device. Copy also all the media files (your photos, videos etc) with Nokia Link before clearing the device because the media files are not included in the backup.


How do I activate device lock on my Nokia N9 phone? - Nokia FAQ
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You can activate device lock in the following way:

Select Settings › Security › Device lock.
Enable Autolock, define the Security code and the Number of tries.

You can also define a trusted person who can recover your phone if you forget the lock code.